Custom Orders

Sometimes you know exactly what you want. Sometimes you haven’t got a clue. A & D Fresh Market in Pilot Butte can help. We can compile your custom order exactly as you request it. We can create it with our favourites or build it to your desired price. All cheese, vegetables, meat, fruit, or baking. All mixed trays with a variety of food groups. Kosher, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free or no holds barred.

As you can see we can handle your custom tray or platter orders. Call us or come into our store. Preparation time will vary based on the size of your order. We can whip up small orders quickly. Possibly while you wait. For larger orders, we might need up to 24-hours to pull it all together. Order for a party, a Rider game or just because you feel like it. Our custom order trays and platters are always a big hit.